Our mission

Full-Service Hospitality.

With us, hospitality doesn’t just start with catering – and doesn’t end there, either. Working with our partners – specialists in branding, design and architecture – we work out the whole thing.

From interior, graphic and product design, to the catering on offer, all the way to technology development, we always place the focus firmly on one thing: the club and its region.

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Supreme design by

The stadium-design specialists.

Wildfire, the London team in which the Supreme founders have been a shareholder since 2018, stages brand presentation on site and digitally – whether it’s hospitality, sport, leisure, retail, app or web.

Wildfire stands for innovative ideas, successful strategies and high-end design, creating unique experiences which stay in the memory.

The Tunnel Club · Manchester City
The Cottage · FC Fulham
The East Wing · Twickenham
Supreme architecture by

The high-frequency architects.

GKAD is a Frankfurt-based team of designers, interior designers and engineers. Their office is involved in catering, retail and hotel projects at high-footfall locations right across Europe.

Whether stadiums, airports or railway stations – GKAD brings plenty of experience to construction in public spaces. Jointly with the founders of Supreme Sports Hospitality, they have already carried out around 50 projects.

Goodman & Filippo: Italo-American fast casual
La Bohème: Restaurant
Hermann's airport restaurant
What we stand for

Hosting events is our passion.

When you go into a stadium you go to cheer, to celebrate, to shout, to cry, to shed tears and to sing. And, if it’s one of our stadiums, to enjoy good food and drink, too.

We stage event hospitality in an entirely new way: passionate, modern, urbane and visionary. As sustainable and individual as possible, with a service like no other, and in an atmosphere of positively regal quality.

Innovation and individuality.

As pioneers in the hospitality industry, we take our job very seriously. With heart and soul, a love of detail, and many years’ of practice behind us, we are continually developing new, innovative experiences. With us, there is nothing off the peg and nothing from a model kit – just solutions tailored precisely to your individual requirements.

Sustainability and responsibility.

The carefully-thought use of fairly traded and certified organic products goes hand in hand with us together with the use of sustainable food trends. Sustainable, because the use of synergies and efficient production and sales channels has top priority for us and makes not only ecological sense, but economic sense, too.

In realising our projects we rely on selected regional producers, suppliers and partners, with whom we work together at various locations. And of course we are always completely up-to-date when it comes to contemporary topics such as food security and food hygiene.

Transparency and fairness.

Fair prices and fair competition, reliability in all areas of the added-value chain – from the supplier to the employee, to the customer – are quality characteristics which for us are just as important as freshness or regionality in our food and beverage range.

The founders

Experience meets heart and soul.

With Supreme Sports Hospitality we are completely redefining stadium catering. We bundle our areas of expertise in hospitality and high-footfall catering to produce a unique experience, which will thrill everyone equally: visitors, football fans, players and staff.

'We aim to celebrate enjoyment, experience and emotion. Such is our burning passion.'

Stefan Weber and Michael Weigel are heart-and-soul entrepreneurs and combine decades of experience in high-footfall catering with a love of innovative concepts and continual further development. They founded Supreme Sports Hospitality in 2019. For the operating business of Supreme Sports Hospitality they took additional experts and passionate hosts on board: Pascal Lagardère (managing directors international) and Marco Caldeira (managing director Lisbon).

Stefan Weber, Michael Weigel (Founders)
Pascal Lagardère, Timm Eckl (Managing Directors International)
Marco Caldeira (Managing Director Lisbon)

With us you can really get somewhere!

Can you keep your head even in an emotional environment, deliver to order and place your skills always at the service of the team? Come to our team! We offer modern working time models and exciting career perspectives with a wide range of possibilities for further development.

Like to be there?

Then apply for a job in stadium catering. We look forward to hearing from you!